Catalogues for Contemplation

March 6, 2010

The Reading Room at Suzzallo Library on the University of Washington campus

“The library is often the place where you can find the spirit of the monk:  in silence, the lustre of old woodwork, the smell of ageing paper, reading, retreat from the world, rules and authorities, tradition, volumes of wisdom, catalogues for contemplation.”
     — Thomas Moore, Meditations

While I was on the University of Washington campus viewing the cherry blossoms, I stopped by Suzzallo Library just to experience the hallowed atmosphere of one of my favorite libraries.  I suppose that it brings a taste of Hogwarts to the current generation of undergraduate students, who grew up with the Harry Potter novels!


Stairway to the second floor Reading Room, Suzzallo Library

Softly lit staircase, Suzzallo Library

Church-like ambience of the Suzzallo Reading Room

Grillwork, Suzzallo Library

3 Responses to “Catalogues for Contemplation”

  1. Shirley Mord Says:

    I loved the Harry Potter stories and you are right about the library

  2. Margaret Says:

    That looks like a fantastic building. What an immense space for so few scholars. Laura took us to a similar library on the U of Chicago campus. If that doesn’t inspire people to read and study, I don’t know what would!

  3. Carol Says:

    Oh Rosemary, the staircase photos brought tears to my eyes. It is where my dearest friend, Gray, and I would sit and quietly talk so we wouldn’t disturb those studying around us. What a wonderful memory you have invoked.

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