Comfort Me with Macaroni and Cheese

November 17, 2009


Making my no-bake Macaroni and Cheese


Homemade Macaroni and Cheese with ham bits

“From morning till night, sounds drift from the kitchen, most of them familiar and comforting. . . . On days when warmth is the most important need of the human heart, the kitchen is the place you can find it; it dries the wet sock, it cools the hot little brain.”
     — E. B. White

On these wet, cold fall days, warm and creamy macaroni and cheese provides just about all the comfort I need.



3 Responses to “Comfort Me with Macaroni and Cheese”

  1. Elisa Says:

    This looks good is there a recipe?

    • Rosemary Says:

      I don’t use a recioe — just throw it together. I have a pile of grated cheese ready (more cheese for a more cheesy flavor). And I cook and drain the pasta (again, as much as you want). Then to make the sauce on the stovetop, I simply melt about two tablespoons of butter, add about two tablespoons of flour and stir together with a fork so there are no lumps. Then I add milk, maybe a cup or a cup and a half and stir and heat until the sauce thickens. Then I add the grated cheese and stir until it is smooth. Then I add the pasta. Stir and serve.

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