Signs of Spring on a Minnesota Farm

May 9, 2009

Spring in Minnesota is a few weeks behind Seattle’s, but the early harbingers of a Midwestern Spring are every bit as miraculous and entrancing.  I’d like to share three signs of Spring from my Dad’s farm.

Baby chick

Baby chick

While I was visiting, my brother received his delivery of 50 baby chicks. They stay under a heat lamp for the first few days until they gain strength.  The chicks are not farm pets.  They are destined for the roasting pan, feeding the family for a full year.

Trio of eggs in a robin's nest

Trio of eggs in a robin's nest

My brother showed my sister and me this hidden robin’s nest with its trio of eggs.  I was stunned by their rich blue color.  Until now, I had thought robin’s egg blue was a pale, pastel color, based on a few broken egg shells I had found. Perhaps the shell fragments had faded because these living eggs were a deep blue-green. 

Hanging the laundry outside

Hanging the laundry outside

My 90-year-old Dad does his weekly laundry every Monday.  All winter he hangs his clothes to dry on clotheslines strung across the dark basement, and they slowly drip dry over several days.  The Monday of my visit was the first time all year he hung the laundry outside.  The spring wind was steady but mild, and the clothes dried in no time.  I love the smell of sun-dried laundry!


3 Responses to “Signs of Spring on a Minnesota Farm”

  1. Lynne Says:

    There’s nothing so fresh as the smell of sun-dried laundry! I love these signs of spring photos…

  2. Lynne Says:

    Your robin egg question (Why are the hatched eggs lighter in color than the unhatched ones?) got me curious. I didn’t find the answer, but I did find a wonderful website with very interesting facts about robins: Lots of fun!

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